Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another new blog...

Well, I went from 7 Year Old Witch to Scented Gypsy and now this, which I think I will keep.    Delphyne is a name I've used for about 12 years - it's a combination of "delfin," the Spanish name for dolphin and my interest in the Delphic Oracle.  Not sure if the background/set up will remain as is, but it's a start.  I wanted to download a dragonfly template from another site, but could't figure out how to get it to Blogger.  And since I've been sitting at the computer for way too long, it will have to wait until another day.

Let's see - what's new since it seems like so long ago that I've posted anything on Blogger.  I'm still waiting to get the remodel of my new place finished and get moved in.  I will be so happy to have my own place again!  The cabinets are coming tomorrow and the new appliances are arriving on Tuesday.  It's been an interesting, frustrating, challenging few months with lots of changes, especially in kitchen design.

I have such a small space for cooking, something I really like doing, so making that space efficient and pretty was a challenge.  I think what we've come up with will work and look good. I have to prime and paint before the cabinets can be hung, then wait for the floor guy to show up to measure and lay the vinyl flooring before hooking up the appliances.  I would love real ceramic tiles, but Kylie just slips and slides all over the place and is unhappy on it - yes, I must accommodate my pup!  The vinyl looks like grouted tile and is quite durable, something I like and it has a lot of texture to it, so Kylie should be able to walk normally on it without any problems.

Then comes painting the rest of the rooms, laying carpeting, buying all new furniture and then moving in.  I get overwhelmed at times just keeping all of the steps organized in my little brain!  After that, we get to rest until Spring and then think about a shed for tools/gardening supplies and a fencing the yard for Kylie.  After that, I don't want to think about anything to do with remodeling or moving for a long time!

It's been such a cold and snowy Winter, I'll be happy to see the green grass again.  Right now, it's still buried in lots of snow.  This picture of Kylie is from our last big snow storm, which was the end of January - I had to dig out part of the back yard again so that she could "find her spot."  At one time, the snow was nearing her neck - she had such a hard time trying to maneuver through all of it!

We'll both be relieved when we can start walking daily again!  And plant an herb garden in the Spring - now that is something I'm going to enjoy!

Now, it's time to think about a big pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner!